Cafe racer company (Name to be decided)

 Test ride.

Test ride.


It all started when I was a kid.

I watch a movie called "The Great Escape" and the man, the legend, Steve McQueen, was driving a bike which just made me think about freedom, life and fun. But you know, I was a kid at the time, so I couldn't ride yet. 

I had my first bike at 17.... a Yamaha 125..... I couldn't believe how many problems it always had. Electrics, loose chain, breaks...... it was absolutely useless but I still loved that bike. 

Then a few lifetimes and continents later I met a guy making bikes in Bangkok and we were almost going to be in the cafe racer business then, back in a time where I ran an architecture firm and still had my art gallery in Bangkok.... but this was something that was just going to be so much fun, I wanted to build it with him. The bikes he build we're just insane.

But this was not to be. A short time later, he move countries and although he still had the passion for a cafe racer company, he didn't have the time and neither did I. So we devised a plan..... we'd find an existing garage, an existing bike builder and create a new cafe racer brand with a new style and something a little different. 

We've not decided on a name yet, but that will come in time and that little kid in me and the man, can start going on road trips and calling it "work" LOL. 

First bike coming in 2018. 

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